Can El Sobrante Get A Park?

By Matt Larson

Big changes don’t come easily, but time is of the essence. At this writing, El Sobrante has a chance to acquire the San Pablo Creekside Property, aka the Mowery Property, a 1.5-acre parcel of land which could be transformed into an urban park. This could potentially lead to a multitude of benefits for the local community, and economy. They’re ready to do it! All they need … is funding.

Citizens for a Greener El Sobrante (C4AGES), founded in 2011 by Executive Director Sharon Korotkin, has been advocating in favor of this project. They’ve stirred plenty of community interest, and even got the attention and support of Supervisor Gioia, but the funds to purchase the parcel are still desperately needed. The property is currently on the market, so before someone else steps in, C4AGES is searching for a likeminded investor who wants to help make this park a reality.

“We see it as a catalyst, a gateway to the revitalization of the downtown to make it a useable place,” Korotkin explained. “It will create an attraction for activity—a Farmer’s Market, dog run, respite by the creek, for example—if we can get the park, and get access to the creek, one of the main components is connecting to an existing trail system, and eventually the Bay Trail system.” The possibilities are truly endless.

“The biggest challenge is that the county doesn’t have the funds for the acquisition,” she lamented. “That’s going to be exclusively up to the community to pull together. I don’t think it’s impossible with willpower, and if we can reach enough people, but we’re hoping for a large benefactor.”

Thus far they’ve raised maybe $15,000, but a few hundred thou