By Leda Pho-Thai, President, Pinole Valley High School Interact

Interact is an international organization that fosters students’ leadership skills by teaching them to become responsible human beings, aiding them in international peace, unity, and understanding.

Interact clubs are largely student-governed, but are supported and inspired by the RotaryClub, a large, international service organization run by adults.

The name Interact comes from a combination of the words “international” and “action.”

We interact with other high schools to promote communication, social activities, and service above self. Interactors learn the importance of leadership, personal integrity, helpfulness, respect for others, and advancement in international understanding and goodwill. In the process, members are also able to have fun and meet new friends.

Interact gives youth an opportunity to give back, and show they are capable of being leaders of the community.

The community gives us so many opportunities, and it’s our turn to show appreciation and say thank you. Volunteering is a great way to feel good about yourself, as it is productive and it helps the community.

Pinole Valley