The Crowned Cupcake: Custom Cupcakes and Creations for All Occasions

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Kids Birthday Cake

By Vickie Lewis

Happy New Year to all our readers! We hope that you’ve enjoyed a restful and enjoyable holiday season and are ready to tackle 2019 with all it promises to bring!

A new year typically means that most of us make a list of New Year’s resolutions. One of my resolutions this year (and every year!) is to do a better job of remembering and celebrating birthdays of family and friends. If this is also one of your resolutions, this month’s featured business can help sweeten birthday celebrations, and add creativity and deliciousness to other special occasions on your list, including holidays. The Crowned Cupcake, located in Pinole, is your one stop shop for not only unique, beautifully decorated and scrumptious cupcakes, but also for custom cakes, pies, cupcake bouquets, and a variety of other sweet treats sure to make any occasion memorable and festive!

As a child, business owner and cake artist Claudia Anderson, was inspired to become the talented baker and cake decorator that she is today by working alongside her mother in the kitchen when she was a young girl. Her mother was a wonderful cook and baker, and always baked and beautifully decorated beautiful cakes to celebrate the birthdays of family members. Claudia initially learned the art of baking and decorating cakes from her mother; then later, she eventually took classes to enhance her skills. As a teenager, one of her first jobs was decorating ice cream cakes at Baskin Robbins, and later she worked as a cake decorator for Lucky’s Supermarket bakery. Over the next 20+ years, she developed a passion for making her own sweet confections and expressed artistic talents through the creation of unique and beautifully decorated cakes and cupcakes. Not surprisingly, Claudia dreamed of one day opening her own cupcake shop. Although she has a full time “day job”, her dream came true when she opened The Crowned Cupcake, the grand opening for which was on October 2, 2016. Since that time, Claudia and her staff have built a thriving business, striving always to provide high quality customer service and achieve customer satisfaction with every order they fulfill.

The Crowned Cupcake is located somewhat “off the beaten path” in a small strip mall on Belmont Avenue in Pinole. Although their signage is visible from San Pablo Avenue, the shop itself does not face the street so it can be easy to miss. As reference points, the business is located almost directly across the street from The Embers Restaurant and next to the Pinole Big O Tires business. Many of you have likely driven by the location many times but didn’t realize that the Crowned Cupcake was there. It will be well worth your time to seek out this delightful hidden gem the next time you are seeking to appease your sweet tooth or seeking cupcakes or cakes for birthdays or other special occasions.

The Crowned Cupcake shop exudes a very comfortable and family-like atmosphere. The customer area of the shop is arranged into three distinct areas—a seating area for those who opt to sit and enjoy their purchases in-house; a play area for children, filled with toys and even a child’s kitchen set to keep the