A Historical Hub for Pinole

by Jeff Rubin, President, Pinole History Museum

Faria House via drone (Courtesy of Earl Combs)

One day in a few years, a visitor to the Faria House at 2100 San Pablo Avenue will enter a contemporary learning and cultural preservation center in a classic home.

In this elegant Victorian-era farmhouse built around 1880, one of the city’s most historic and beloved buildings, he or she will find a technology-rich museum, with multi-media presentations, interactive exhibits and history games, video screens, wireless access to recorded oral histories, and access to video-recorded history programs.

With a limited amount of space, the Pinole History Museum will be a modern museum and research center where visitors can access digitized photos, illustrations, and images stretching back almost 200 years, and learn about Pinole and the surrounding communities.

It will be a world-class, small-city museum.

With an ideal downtown location, the museum will appeal to all people in our community — school children, young and middle-age adults, senior residents — and will be a place that people of all cultures will want to visit repeatedly.

“For many, the old days go back to when you moved to Pinole, or for a very few living old timers, when you were growing up in Pinole,” says former Pinole Mayor Jack Meehan. “A museum is like an album of photos or artifacts, memorabilia and records of the past, what it was like back then, and helps us see and live the present — and maybe the future, too — in clearer perspective.”

On Saturday, November 2, the Pinole History Museum will have its second fundraising dinner in the St. Joseph School auditorium, 1961 Plum Street, Pinole, as it raises money to help pay — along with the City of Pinole — for the interior restoration of the Faria House. Dinner tickets may be purchased at, by e-mail at, or by calling (510) 724-9507.