An Athletic Alternative - High Schoolers in West County find a new traditional sport

By Matt Larson

Mountain biking, as a competitive sport, is growing nationwide. Lately, some opportunities have arisen for West County high schoolers to get in on the action.

The Richmond Composite Mountain Bike Team will be entering its third competitive year in mid-January of 2020, and high schoolers throughout West County are invited to join.

El Cerrito High School has a team, which we mentioned earlier this year, but there isn’t yet enough momentum in all of West County’s schools for each to have its own individual team.

To welcome in the entire populace of West County, Head Coach and Founder Doug Streblow decided on Richmond as the hub for the team, and named it Richmond Composite.

The team is comprised of 15-20 high schooled-aged students from Hercules, Rodeo, Richmond, San Pablo, from a variety of high schools, and home schools. And there’s more to it than just riding a bike.