Every Step of the Way

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

By Matt Larson

Students Rising Above helps guide our youth from high school to college, and

then a career.

The job market of 2018 is more competitive than ever, and not having a college degree makes the hunt even more difficult. Still, many young adults don’t even consider college as a viable option; not because they don’t want to go, but because they feel it’s impossible.

Financial constraints, bad grades, familial responsibilities … any number of obstacles can stand in between a student and his or her future. If you are, or know, a student who feels they simply can’t consider college—consider again with the help, guidance, and support, of Students Rising Above (SRA).

“Since roughly 1998, we have been really excited about getting first-generation, low-income students to and through not only college, but into the workforce,” said SRA’s Executive Director Carolina Martín. “Each year we accept roughly 75 students, and each is given a ‘portfolio’ of support.”

This includes a designated advisor, who will remain as such for the next five years; a health navigator to help ensure they’ll have health benefits before going to college; a social mentor to help coach them through any social obstacles, from fitting in to moving in; financial assistance to fill in any gaps not covered by aid or scholarships; and finally, SRA’s Career Development Team will help them find their place in the workforce.