Park District General Manager Robert Doyle Retiring After 47-Year Career

Provided By East Bay Regional Park District

As Robert Doyle retired at the end of December 2020 after 47 years at EBRPD, including ten years at the helm as General Manager, he leaves many legacies that will benefit the lives of East Bay residents into perpetuity. Doyle was acknowledged at the Tuesday, December, 15 Park District Board of Directors meeting.

“It has been such an honor to lead the District and the talented staff that make Regional Parks work, including daily park operations and maintenance, interpretation and recreation programs, land acquisition and park planning, and police and fire protection, to name a few,” said Park District General Manager Robert Doyle. “The Park District’s success is about having a team committed to our 86-year mission to protect public open space, wildlife, and habitat while providing quality parks for recreation.”

“Preserving land for parks on a large landscape scale has been something I’ve been passionate about and is worth fighting for,” added Doyle.

Doyle is a visionary thinker and long-range planner capable of being attentive to details about projects, partnerships, and the history of virtually every piece of land the Park District owns. He has been intimately involved with the creation of the last three Park District masterplans, essentially creating the roadmap for East Bay Regional Park District expansion.

“Parks do their best when they have a great leader, and the East Bay has had incredible leadership with Bob Doyle,” said Former Director of National Park Service John Jarvis, who served under President Barack Obama. “Bob is not only