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Pinole Farmers Market Has An Intimate, Local And Friendly Vibe

by Karen F. Walker

Imagine discovering a cozy, open-air market where booths and tables are filled with fresh-picked berries, summer squash, greens, peas, root vegetables and more. Hear the friendly chatter and greetings; feel—without words or even awareness—the good energy and healthy vibe.

Turn your head and discover fresh, tasty stuffed buns, fresh seafood, prepared gourmet foods, and even handmade soaps and candles. 

And now imagine all this is located just a short drive from your home, every Saturday morning!

Who doesn’t love a local farmer’s market? The more local its merchants, the better, right?! 

Well, there’s some great news….  You don’t have to imagine!   In case you haven’t experienced it yet, the Pinole Farmer’s Market—located in the city’s downtown bank parking lot and next to the side entrance of St. Joseph Catholic church on Pinole Valley Road—is one of the most intimate, local experiences of fresh produce and more in all of Contra Costa County.  

“The Pinole Farmer’s Market has a really great home town feel to it,” confirms Chris Ball of Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association. 

“The Pinole Farmer’s Market is very cozy, not flashy,” Chris underscores. “Most of the producers are local, some even located within 2 miles away and most within 30 miles.”

“It’s rare to have producers who live within even a 5 mile radius of a farmer’s market,” Chris explains, “so this particular market is pretty special! Pinole also offers fresh farm produce from larger, Fresno farmers, but overall it really showcases hyper-local producers in a special way.”

Not only is there a hyper-local vibe to make this farmer’s market unique, you’ll also find one of the best local market managers in the region, Cody Brooks.  

Cody is a local boy, a sort of hometown hero, says Chris. He grew up in Rodeo, the son of one of the market’s local vendors, Delta Moon Soapworks, and he has been managing the Pinole Farmer’s Market for the past 12 years. 

“He absolutely loves what he does,” Chris adds. “He’s just great! Each Saturday, Cody is at the market with a smile on his face, talking and laughing with long-time locals, visitors and vendors alike. He loves Pinole, is super friendly, helpful, resourceful and knowledgeable about literally everything related to this particular farmer’s market, producers and the community. Cody really helps make the experience special.”

As with all farmer’s markets, the amount of available fresh produce expands during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. If you crave the freshest produce, picked at the peak of the season rather than imported, then a farmer’s market is for you. 

“It’s such a win-win,” says Chris, “The market is good for customers and producers, good for one’s health, good for the planet and good for the palate!”

Another benefit: Farmer’s Markets run by the Pacific Coast Farmer’s Market Association uniquely offer anyone receiving EBT benefits double credit. Double credit!

Among the producers serving Pinole, you’ll find Alta Mira Baking, Dayrit Seafood, Ching’s Turo-Turo, Hummus Heaven, Kem Farms, Patty from Toronto (Jamaican beef patties and pudding), J&J Ramos Farms, Delta Moon Soapworks, Steve Organic, Super Duper Microgreens (located just a mile from the marketplace), Sweet Beezus (honey, yum!), Way to Life Foods, Three Brothers, Picoso Farms, J&M Farms, Gigi’s One Bite Wonder (mini, gourmet donuts!), grilled kabobs and hot lunch options, Diaz Farms, Delicious Kettle Corn, Bunbao, Celio Farms, and more.

Launched in 1998, the Pinole Farmer’s Market operates year-round on Saturdays, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, at 798 Fernandez Avenue in Pinole.  Easy parking is available in adjacent lots and streets. Learn more and meet the vendors at:

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