Rattlesnake Advisory: Rattlesnake Safety in the Regional Parks

By East Bay Regional Park District

As the weather heats up, rattlesnakes become more active in many of our parks, their natural habitat. They like to explore when the weather gets warm which can lead to more encounters with humans and dogs. The East Bay Regional Park District is advising that the public take snake safety precautions when visiting Regional Parks.

Safety Tips for Visiting Regional Parks

Always hike with a friend so you can help each other in case of emergency.

Look at the ground ahead of you as you are walking.

Look carefully around and under logs and rocks before sitting down.

Avoid placing your hands or feet where you can’t see clearly.

Check the area around picnic tables, campsites, and barbecues before using them. If you encounter a rattlesnake in these areas, notify park staff.

Keep pets on the designated trails and away from snakes if they see one.

Bring plenty of water for yourself and your pets as many parks do not have a direct water supply.

What to Do If You See a Rattlesnake

Leave it alone - do not try to capture or harm it. All park wildlife is protected by law. If you see a snake on a trail, wait for it to cross and do not approach. Then move carefully and slowly away.