Retirees Anonymous: It’s never too late to make lasting friendships

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

By Matt Larson

Retirement is a goal most people have, but not everyone achieves. We work hard now so that we can play hard later, but things change as time goes on.

“You will find, when you retire, the friends you know, or the friends you worked with—suddenly you’re in a new world called ‘retirement’ and you have to find a new set of friends,” said retiree Alan Blavins. After 40 years as a creative director in the advertising business, he settled down in West County.

“I didn’t know anybody in the area,” he said. And then he came across Sons in Retirement, a social group for older men. 10 years later he’s one of their most active members, and currently serves as their president/chairman, which they refer to as the Big Sir. “Basically, we’re a group of guys, we meet every month for lunch, then we have a speaker,” he said. “We have no religion, we’re not trying to raise money for anything, it’s just a group of retired men.”

Simple as that. No pressure, casual atmosphere, come and go as you please. Meetings are optional as you aren’t obligated to attend, dues are $20 for the year but it’s more of a suggestion than a requirement. It’s a pretty laid-back group, which is generally the vibe you’d want when you’ve reached retirement age.