Tap Into the Fun, Richmond’s Brew Pubs Await

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

By Linda Bausch and Derek Everhart

Bay Area locals, if you’re looking for a unique brewery and taproom experience––close to home––we found some great places for you to try in Richmond. Family and pet friendly, they are waiting for you to get there!

Benoit-Casper Brewing, at 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue, was the first brewery established in Richmond. In 2014, proprietors Marc Benoit and Chad Casper brought their beer brewing endeavor to the unassuming urban neighborhood. The gentlemen shared an obsession for home brewing and met through an online network of like-minded people. Their brew styles were similar and they became friends, as did their families.

After winning many awards, they realized they had more to offer than making great beer and drinking it with friends. They decided to look for a location to grow their hobby into something more for others to enjoy. They struck out to make their mark.

The brewery began as a one-barrel system, in a closet, tucked away in an industrial warehouse near Chad’s day job. While the production was still small and limited Chad and Marc oversaw the entire brewing and fermentation process themselves, and worked their day jobs. With growing families at home and full-time careers, they soon realized they needed help to keep the beer flowing. Tim Clair was hired as Head Brewer to oversee production on a day-to-day basis.