Unique “Battalion 7” Partnership Ensures West County Residents Receive State-of-the-Art Fire, Rescue

By Gaby Mascoll, Con Fire PIO Intern

It’s a simple fact of modern life we’ve come to know and expect, when disaster strikes -- be it a fire, a medical emergency, an auto accident, water rescue, chemical spill, or something else that threatens life and property -- we dial 911 and first responders -- firefighters, law enforcement, or both -- show up to lend near-immediate assistance.

Depending on the type of incident reported, the emergency response can vary considerably. For example, when it comes to fire responses, a medical emergency might entail both a paramedic-staffed fire engine and ambulance for a life-threatening situation, or simply an ambulance for a less critical event. An unconfirmed fire alarm might elicit a single fire engine response, but a confirmed house fire would receive a minimum of four fire engines, a firetruck and associated support personnel, or more -- what’s referred to as a first-alarm assignment.

In West Contra Costa, residents of the communities of El Sobrante, Pinole, Rodeo-Hercules, and San Pablo receive fire and emergency medical services from each of their own city fire jurisdictions. This includes Contra Costa County Fire Protection District’s (Con Fire) Fire Station 69, in El Sobrante, and Fire Station 70, in San Pablo; Pinole Fire Department’s Station 73; and Rodeo-Hercules Fire Protection District’s Fire Station 75 in Rodeo and Fire Station 76 in Hercules.