VEGAN N’ CHICKEN: Vegan Friendly Indian & Pakistani Food

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

By Vickie Lewis

Having written dozens of restaurant reviews over the last several years, I must say that I truly enjoy the opportunity to eat authentic foods, inspired by the mothers and/or grandmothers of the hard-working business owners who learned their cooking skills from their elders. Such was our experience at Vegan N’ Chicken, where my guest and I enjoyed an assortment of delicious Halal Pakistani food selections prepared by the restaurant’s number one chef and owner, Abassi.

Abassi opened Vegan N’ Chicken nearly three years ago in 2016, although I’d not previously known of its existence. The small, casual, café-like restaurant is located amongst a few other small businesses in a short “strip mall” behind a gas station at the corner of San Pablo Dam Road and Valley View Road. I marveled that I’d passed by the restaurant many times as I traversed the San Pablo Dam Road, but had never noticed it there in spite of the prominent signage above the door. There is plenty of conveniently accessible parking for the restaurant and strip mall. The window near the restaurant entrance is adorned with enticing colorful pictures of many of the scrumptious entrees prepared within. A few outdoor tables and chairs were positioned in front of the restaurant for customers to dine outside, if desired.

My guest and I met with Abassi early on a Friday afternoon shortly after the restaurant opened. Vegan N’ Chicken is open seven days a week for dinner from 4:00 to 10:00 PM. Upon entry, Abassi personally welcomed us, and invited us to sit at a large corner table near the front window. The table was one of only two in the restaurant entrance area; however, an adjacent seating area has plenty of tables for customers wishing to dine in. A glass refrigerated case sits near the order/check-out counter and showcases an assortment of drinks and desserts which will be described later. Behind this area is the moderately-sized kitchen where Abassi prepares all of the delicious Indian and Pakistani cuisine, assisted by his son, Unzer, and his daughter, Mehik. Also noteworthy is a small stage nestled in the corner of the dining area, complete with speakers and an assortment of musical instruments. Abassi said that sometimes Karaoke