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Transforming Commercial Property Acquisition with Simplified Loans

By Ali Mahmoudi CEO of CCG

Real estate is one of the most valuable assets for every business owner. However, acquiring real estate that best suits their needs is tedious because it involves the evaluation of its impact on customers, employees, investors, regulators, and neighbors. Combined with the tightening credit availability for commercial real estate (CRE) loans, changing underwriting standards, increasing federal regulation within banks, and growing compliance costs, this becomes an uphill task.

Flipping this script is Creative Commercial Group (CCG), a commercial property mortgage, brokerage, and advisory firm that regularly studies market changes and gains a deep understanding of client queries to create healthy relationships with banking partners and ensure smooth loan approvals. Its loan program extends to multifamily, commercial, and owner-user lending. CCG’s commercial lending sources, well-structured solutions, and in-house resources enable clients to quickly and promptly acquire the most competitive loans and financing terms.

“98 percent of our clients come from repeat business or referrals, and substantiating this is our proven track record of long-standing relationships with over 100 lending institutions, from small community banks to large institutional banks,” says Ali Mahmoudi, CEO of CCG.

Mahmoudi leverages over 15 years of credit experience with leading real estate banks and finance departments to deliver guaranteed success. Supported by the seasoned bankers at its helm, CCG aligns a client’s CRE acquisition and related transaction needs with a bank’s lending criteria to guarantee hassle-free delivery of occupancy certificates and collateralized loan obligations, bypassing cumbersome bureaucratic rules and procedures. Simultaneously, CCG educates its clientele on the loan process, key concepts, and the necessary qualifications to ensure timely and successful acquisitions. It has complete access to wholesale real estate pricing offered by its banking partners, which allows it to consistently drive short and long-term ROI success for individual investors, family offices, and smaller syndications in middle-market CRE.

Corroborating the impact of its innovative solutions is a recent client engagement where CCG assisted a customer in acquiring hotels across two states. In this instance, the client’s SBA 504 loan was declined as their information did not meet the eligibility criteria of the bank. CCG rapidly resolved this issue with precise and tight closing contingencies that provided the borrower with a bridge loan within 12 days, helping them obtain a combined balance of $25 million. Similarly, CCG facilitated conventional hotel lenders to take out the bridge lender within 30 days of closing. This allowed the buyer to take advantage of purchasing valuable real estate assets while having the option to refinance their funds into long-term fixed loans.

Moving forward, CCG will continue offering professional and independent consulting to CREs, improving their business strategies and revenue. Besides its credit, capital, investment financing, and business opportunity services, CCG is keen on developing effective and innovative financing and investment solutions.

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